If you’re in the market for collagen supplements for hair growth, then there is no better product than Skinade. Not only is this product great for hair growth but it’s also good for improving your skin as well as your nails, bones and vital organs but most of all it helps reduce wrinkles as well.

Unlike other collagen products that you’ll find online Skinade makes their clinical test readily available to anyone who is looking for it on their website. This is a lot about the company and their practice and the fact that they believe in transparency so that the consumer knows exactly what they’re getting. No other collagen brand has won more awards or has been featured in as many magazines as Skinade. If you do a search online you only be presented with mostly positive reviews about this product, very few people have had anything negative to say about this product.

Unlike other collagen supplements on the market Skinade was actually developed by scientists which is probably why this product is so effective. Some of the clinical studies show that by using this product for 30 days, depending on your age you can see up to a 42% collagen increase or more, the study shows that the older you are the more effective the product is. This is based off clinical trials and this is not some type of marketing gimmick. Based off the clinical studies that was performed on this product it only takes 30 days to start seeing results.

What Makes This Skinade So Effective?

The reason why Skinade is great for hair growth as well as wrinkle reduction is due to the proprietary formula that is used only in Skinade products. No other collagen company has this formula and even if they did they would be able to use it. Skinade uses 100% natural ingredients and is manufactured in the UK which speaks multitudes about the company.

The Safest Collagen on The Market?


If you take any collagen product off the shelf and read the ingredients as well as look at where it’s manufactured one common thing that you’ll see is that it’s always manufactured in foreign places such as Brazil or Argentina. To be quite honest I have seen very few collagen supplements on the market that wasn’t manufactured either in Brazil or Argentina. The reason why this is a cause for concern is mainly due to the Zika virus that has been floating around in places such as Brazil. There is very little known about this virus and there are no studies that have been done to see whether or not this disease can be transmitted to animals such as cows.

This far I haven’t seen a single collagen manufacturer addressed this issue and as far as I know most if not all collagen manufacturers are still getting your collagen from cows in Brazil. This is not a problem when it comes to Skinade brand of collagen and that’s for two reasons. The first reason is because skinade does not get their collagen from cows, Skinade collagen is derived from marine-based animals such as shellfish. The second reason is that it is manufactured completely in the UK which 100% eliminates the risk that you’d be taking if you are using collagen which comes from Brazil.

Far More Effective Than Any Other Form of Collagen


Skinade is far more effective than any other form of collagen primarily due to it being a collagen drink as opposed to being a pill or powdered supplement. Studies show that the most effective way to take collagen is orally and to take it a step further, it’s even more effective when the collagen is in a drink form as opposed to a powdered or pill form due to drinks having a higher absorption rate by the body. When drinking liquids be it for collagen or otherwise, the liquid is not subjected to your digestive tract. Only solid substances are subjected to your digestive tract whereas liquids mix into the bloodstream and gets delivered to the body in a much faster rate than any other form. This is why more people have had success using Skinade than any other brand of collagen because 95% of the collagen supplements are going to find are either going to be in pill form or in powdered form. Liquid collagen has an absorption rate of 90 to 95% which is the highest you could possibly get. Whereas collagen pills have a maximum absorption rate of 65% and collagen powders have a maximum absorption rate of 75 to 85%.

You Won’t Find a Better Product Out There

To put it quite frankly you won’t find a better product out there that has more positive reviews as well as more clinical studies that’s actually published. You’ll see a lot of collagen manufacturers claiming to have done clinical studies but don’t provide any proof of these studies to determine whether or not the studies are real or fabricated. As a matter of fact, you can do a Google search for “skinade huffington post” or “skinade cosmopolitan magazine” to find two studies that were done by editors of two different highly respected media outlets which has zero association/affiliation with Skinade. Both editors tried Skinade for 30 days and show the before and after results (which is also available online) and both editors seen an improvement just by using the product for a few weeks.

One of the awards Skinade received was having the best tasting collagen product on the market according to one of the best collagen supplement review sites. If you’ve used supplements for collagen before then you probably know that one of the most common reasons why people hate taking collagenis due to the aftertaste. Most collagen products have a very unpleasing aftertaste but that’s not the case with Skinade. Skinade uses natural fruits which give the product a very natural fruity taste which people just love.

At the end of the day you don’t have to take my word for it, if you’re skeptical just do it Google search for the reviews and you can see for yourself that when it comes to supplements for collagen there is no better product than Skinade. It simply works and it works very well!