One thing most people would like to know is when should you start taking collagen for hair growth because as you know as we get older our hair starts to deteriorate. Study shows that whether it be for hair growth or wrinkle reduction you should start taking collagen in your early to mid-20s... This is when our collagen level start to taper off and when we should start paying the most attention to slow down the negative effects that are associated with a lack of collagen.

Surprisingly a lot of people don’t know that our entire body contains collagen, not just certain parts. So for example our hair, skin, nails and bones as well as organs all contain collagen. Not all collagen is the same since there are several different types of collagen that you could take which all have different effects. For example, there’s type I and type III collagen which is great for hair skin and nails especially for those who want to accelerate the growth of their hair. Type II collagen is only good for your joints and your cartilage surrounding your joints as well as your bone density but it does not help with hair loss. You have to remember that collagen fibers are protein and they do play somewhat of an effect on your hair growth as well as preventing hair loss.,

More Facts About Collagen

Studies vary, most studies agree that every single year your collagen levels drops by 1% after the age of 20. This is why we get older we start filling more aches and pains as well as noticing a more apparent hair thinning that is occurring. To slow down these effects collagen it is necessary and it must be taken on a daily basis. By doing this you’re supplying your body with the nutrients to prevent it from deteriorating which is essentially what it’s doing as your collagen levels continue to drop.

Like I said on the homepage, you want to use collagen supplements that come from an organic source and that is in the fluid form. This is a very essential when it comes to getting the results that you expect to get because of the fact that when collagen is in a fluid form and ingested orally you get the best results. The reason why you get these results is due to the high absorption rate of liquid collagen.

What If You Don’t Have the Money

This is always one of the major reasons why some people ignore purchasing collagen supplements because they just don’t have money to buy it. If you’re in that type of predicament than I highly recommend that you eat collagen rich foods which will provide you with a small amount of collagen which is better than nothing.

Another thing you want to make sure is that you provide your body with vital minerals which helps your body naturally produce collagen. Natural minerals are produce why having a plant-based diet because as you know soil is rich with minerals. The problem is that a) soil taste disgusting and b) our body’s won’t digest too well because of the rocks that soil contains. This is why it’s essential for us to eat plants because plants break down the minerals from the soil and stores them and by eating the plants we get the necessary minerals that we need.

Consuming minerals will have a significant effect on your collagen levels which will have a direct effect on hair growth. Despite this being widely known a lot of people underestimate the power of actually consuming plants to help increase the collagen levels.

The Best Collagen for Hair Growth

Obviously if you don’t know by now we promote Skinade collagen heavy simply because it works on all aspects of your body as well as having a high absorption rate and being 100% natural. I will admit that it is costlier than other brands of collagen but as you know you get what you pay for. So you cannot realistically expect significant results if you only pay $10. Skinade collagen cost about $100 for a one-month supply and the reason why it’s so expensive is because Skinade only use quality ingredients and this is why they have the clinical test to prove that they have a superior product.

Regardless of which route you choose is important that you get collagen in your system if you really want to help improve your hair growth while stopping hair loss.