As you probably already know collagen is great for skin because of the amino acids it contains. The reason why collagen is great for hair growth is due to the fact that it’s one of the most abundant proteins in our body and therefore is required. The four amino acids that collagen consist of is proline, glycine, arginine and hydroxyproline. One of the roles that collagen plays in our bodies the renewal of cells. It also plays a role in maintaining the strength of our bones as well as tendons, eyes, organs, hair and nails.

So the main reason as to why our hair starts to thin and fallout as we age is primarily due to the collagen levels that you have. As I said in previous articles, after the age of 20 the collagen levels drop down by 1% every single year. So that means by the time your 45 you’ll be producing less than 25% collagen then when you were 20. The good news is that this could easily be combated just by taking the collagen supplement. By taking collagen supplements you replace the missing collagen of the that the body needs which will then lead to your hair to your hair restoration.

There is More to Hair Loss Than You Think

Now let’s be clear, collagen is not the only reason as to why we lose hair and there are several different factors that come to play especially when you’re a male. As you probably heard hair loss is something genetic and I’m pretty sure you’ve probably heard this statement before. To clarify that statement, study shows that the sensitivity to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is almost 90% of the reason why men experience male pattern baldness and is the sensitivity to DHT which is genetic. So what does that mean? By simply blocking the DHT hormone that our body produces your hair follicles will not continuously get “burned” by this hormone which causes your hair follicles to deactivate which is why you experience hair loss.

The Solution is Very Simple

One supplement I highly recommend you take along with collagen is Toji which is a very effective DHT blocker as well as providing you with essential nutrients to promote hair growth. Now I know some you are probably wondering if blocking DHT will have any negative effects and the answer is no. When we have too much testosterone our body converts it to DHT and despite its name DHT is not testosterone but a more potent form of testosterone (and no, DHT has no effect and building muscle). Therefore, you can safely block it and what this will do is increase or testosterone levels while stopping the DHT from causing your body harm.

One of the reason why men as they get older develop prostate cancer is due to the enlargement of their prostate which is what DHT causes to happen. So not only will blocking DHT will help promote hair growth but it will also help prevent the enlargement of your prostate.

So just by simply using collagen to block DHT levels you can actually see great results because you’re getting into the root of why you’re experiencing hair loss and you’re fixing the problem at its core.