When it comes to baldness there are several causes for it is not only due to the lack of collagen. For example, one of the biggest culprits for male pattern baldness is DHT (dihydrotestosterone). Just by blocking DHT you automatically significantly stop your balding. Two thirds of men face balding by the age of 35. Women lose hair for different reasons altogether, collagen can play a role in this but there are several different reasons as to why women lose hair such as side effects of medication, disrupted hair growth cycle, illness, etc... According to statistics 40% of all women will experience hair loss at some point in their lives.

There is No One Cause for Hair Loss

One of the causes that can affect both men and women is the lack of nutrients, you’d be surprised how often people overlook this fact. With our fast-paced lifestyle some of us having to eat fast food because we just don’t have time to eat a home-cooked meal we simply miss out on the nutrients that are essential for us to have. Besides taking collagen one of the things that I highly recommend you start to do is to take Toji multivitamins. It essentially has all multivitamins that you need to take on a daily basis but what separates this from any other multivitamin at the fact that it has natural ingredients which automatically blocks DHT. So if you’re tight on cash which you also want to get a DHT blocker as well as multivitamins there’s no better all in one solution than Toji.

Making Sure You Have Enough Protein

Second thing is to make sure you have enough protein, studies have shown that the lack of protein can lead to hair loss. One of the easiest ways to determine if you have a lack of protein (which is common people who are vegetarians) is to check whether or not you feel tired during the day. I’m not talking about morning tired, I’m talking about midafternoon wanting to take a nap type of tired. Once in a while is okay but when it becomes a regular thing this might be one of the strongest indicators of a lack of protein.

Most People Don't Have MSM Sulfur In Their Diets!

Another overlooked thing that could lead to hair loss is the lack of MSM sulfur which is something that our body needs on a daily basis. MSM sulfur is something that is naturally produced in nature when rainwater hits the plants which causes sulfur formation. The problem is that a lot of the vegetables and fruits that we get from the grocery stores are grown in greenhouses. The reason why this is bad is because we don’t get any organic sulfur as a matter of fact we don’t get any sulfur whatsoever because it’s a naturally occurring process. So the next best thing is to take MSM sulfur as a supplement which will have a direct effect on your hair as well as your nails both of which are made up of sulfur.

Your Shampoo Can Also Be A Culprit

As far as shampoo are concerned you also want to use a natural shampoo which contains MSM sulfur preferably. Rubbing it directly into your scalp will have direct benefits in reactivating those dormant hair follicles. A lot of the commercial brand shampoos have a lot of industrial chemicals which aren’t good for your hair in the long run and therefore you want to shy away from using them.

Just by following the steps above you can have a major improvement of not only stopping your hair loss for promoting hair growth.