There are many reasons why you should start taking collagen supplements but here are the top five reason why we think you should start taking collagen supplements.

It Keeps You Looking Young

For years there has been talks about the fountain of youth and most people thought this was some type of mythical fairytale but studies are proving otherwise. The fountain of youth comes in the form of collagen believe it or not. Collagen is the number one reason why we develop wrinkly and saggy skin as well as other signs of aging like brittle bones and arthritis. All of these factors have a direct connection with collagen and how much your body is currently producing. The less your body produces the more apparent the symptoms become. So that means just by actually taking collagen supplements you reduce your risk significantly of developing any of the above listed symptoms. Despite collagen being so helpful many people still don’t even know about its existence.

Helps Increase Muscle Mass

Another group of people that really needs to take collagen is older bodybuilders because studies have shown that as collagen production decreases so does your muscle mass. This doesn’t only apply to bodybuilders; this applies to everyone. The reason why older people start to get weaker as they get older is not solely due to age but is also due to the decrease in collagen production which leads to their muscles starting to shrink and weaken.

Increases The Recovery of Wounds

Whether it’s stubbing your toe are getting a cut somewhere on your body, the amount of collagen production that your body produces determine how quick it heals itself when you get injured. This is why older people tend to bruise easier and take longer to recover from their wounds. It’s all related to the amount of collagen that your body is producing and if your body is in producing enough this is where collagen supplements come in.

Healing of Joints

Like I outlined earlier in the article, arthritis and osteoporosis are directly linked with having low collagen levels. Some researchers believe just by having adequate collagen levels you significantly lower the chances of ever developing arthritis or osteoporosis. The reason why this happens is our joints are surrounded by cartilage and as that cartilage begins to shrink (due to lack of collagen) this is where arthritis and osteoporosis starts to kick in. To circumvent these potential outcomes all you need to do is make sure you take a daily dose of type II collagen. Remember, it must be type II collagen if you’re taking it for joints and bones but if you’re taking it for hair skin and nails then you need type I and type III collagen.